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 8:00 AM EST  Dr. Amit Shah, MD – IONM Alarm Criteria During Spinal Procedures (Handouts)

 8:35 AM EST Dr. Jay Shils, Ph.D – Monitoring Strategies for Intraoperative Neuromodulation: Treating Back Pain & Movement Disorders – Enhancing Quality of Life (Handouts)

 9:10 AM EST  Dr. Lawrence Wierzbowski, AuD – Mechanisms for Spinal Cord Injury (Handouts)

 9:40 AM EST  Michael Riley, MS, CNIM – Updates on Neuromonitoring for the Lumbar Spine (Handouts)


Medsurant Health is comprised of eight practices across over 20 states. Our clinicians practice in more than 330 facilities from community hospitals to academic tertiary care centers. We embrace a patient-centered philosophy and their care drives our organization. As such, we consider our hospital systems, care facilities, and fellow clinical providers as team members all striving to achieve the same goal: The provision of excellent care for our patients. Medsurant Health is committed to maintaining a team culture encompassing the highest standard of care through clinical excellence and patient centered assurance. Our clinical personnel are the driving force and foundation of the organization. Career growth and improvement through continued education benefits our employees as well as our patients. Medsurant Health Academy training program has achieved formal non-CAAHEP Neurophysiological Intraoperative Monitoring (NIOM)  program status. This prestigious recognition was awarded by the ABRET Neurodiagnostics Credentialing and Accreditation Board, and allows Medsurant Health surgical neurophysiology fellows to gain Pathway IV eligibility for ABRET’s Certification in Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (CNIM) testing.  This recognition is one more example of Medsurant Health’s commitment to clinical excellence for our patients, hospital and surgeon partners and to the IONM field as a whole.

Accurate Neuromonitoring is a national provider of exceptional clinical care holding our clinicians and reading physicians to the highest standard of IONM.  In recognition of our incredible team, Accurate supports a strong company culture offering a much desired work and life balance.

Signal Gear is a medical device company focused on designing and developing neurodiagnostic accessories. Founded on the premise that passionate, thoughtful study is key to innovation and creativity, we study the scientific literature, the patient and clinical practice. Our goal is to provide the optimal patient product for each specialty, from the clinical office setting to the operating room, by tirelessly testing products in our electrical, mechanical, and clinical test labs. Reach out to us. We’d love to hear about your work!

ZinniaX-IONM is an end to end practice management software that is highly customized for the workflow of today’s Intraoperative Neuromonitoring providers. Our software is designed to maximize efficiency and reduce errors by offering a highly intuitive user experience that logically prompts users through tasks and takes advantage of the latest in software technology. Zinnia-IONM is actually 4 applications in one, with a web-based platform for employees, a separate scheduling portal for clients, a mobile/tablet app and a custom chat/screen sharing app as well. No matter what size your organization is, our system configurations allow you to customize the software to meet your needs and rapidly make changes to your workflow as your business evolves. Effortlessly manage all aspects of an IONM practice from scheduling to billing and revenue cycle management and keep all relevant parties up to date, in real-time with our customizable, event-based notifications.

AMS is a nationally-recognized provider of intraoperative neuromonitoring and clinical neurodiagnostic services.  With a devout commitment to pushing the status quo in quality patient care, AMS offers a robust training & education department allowing our surgical & clinical neurophysiologists to grow & develop new skills, while also offering a cutting edge quality assurance program.  

In 2019, not only was AMS awarded accreditation by the Joint Commission, we also received ZERO findings in our survey. Motivated by our commitment with TJC to a Culture of Safety and a pathway to Zero Harm, AMS is excited to have been invited to partner with the Joint Commission to raise the bar for standard of care by being included as a center of distinction. An invitation-only award that speaks for itself regarding the commitment to quality patient care at AMS.  

AMS is a people-focused organization with a devotion to improving lives, those of our patient and our staff. AMS is an organization rooted in supporting & empowering its staff while promoting an unrivaled work life balance. AMS is always looking for the right people to join our growing family! 

Rhythmlink International strives to enhance patient care by transforming EEG and IONM medical device technology that links patients to machines. Through innovative design and quality manufacturing, we provide superior products and the highest level of customer service in the industry, without wavering in our commitment to fair pricing.

10:50 AM  Dr. Alier Franco, Ph.D, CNIM – Motor Evoked Potentials in the Pediatric Population:  It’s a Team Effort (Handouts)

11:35 AM  James Watt, BS, CNIM, R.EP.T – Posterior Fossa Craniotomies: Monitoring Tips, Tricks and Things to Think About (Handouts)

12:00 PM  Dr. Michelle Mora, DO – Monitoring for Crossover in Motor Evoked Potentials During Cranial Surgeries (Handouts)

We will break for lunch and promptly return at 1:25 PM.

 1:35 PM  Dr. Jeremy Bamford, Ph.D – Optimizing Continuous Monitoring of the Vagus Nerve and Its Branches During Perilaryngeal Surgery (Handouts)

 2:10 PM  Dr. Justin Silverstein – Intraoperative Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Monitoring & Mapping (Handouts)

President Cindy Jenkinson will lead the society in a brief business meeting.

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